Gym Facilities

UpdatedWednesday September 13, 2017 byAngela Christ.

Download Ranchview School Instructions here before playing.

Ranchview School Instructions.pdf
Fireside School
12 Fireside Pkwy.
CanadaT4C 2L8
Crt 1 -2
Glenbow Elementary School
55 Glenpatrick Rd.
Main Gym
Mitford School
110 Quigley Dr.
CanadaT4C 1Y1
Notes:This location requires setup and take down of nets by teams. Teams must finish takedown and exit by 10:00 pm.
Notes:Court adjacent to gym doors
Notes:Court adjacent to East Court 1, farthest from gym door
Ranchview School
2 Sundown Road
CanadaT4C 0X8
Notes:Crt 1 = nearest gym entrance
Notes:Crt 2 = at far end of gym
Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
800 Griffin Rd
CanadaT4C 2B8
Notes:Games played in the SLS gym on 2 courts. Parking access via the east parking lot doors.
Notes:Court nearest to SLS east doors
Notes:Court adjacent to East Court 1