Gym Facilities

Updated Wednesday September 13, 2017 by Angela Christ.

Download Ranchview School Instructions here before playing.

Ranchview School Instructions.pdf
Glenbow Elementary School
55 Glenpatrick Rd.
Cochrane, Alberta
Canada T4C 1X7
Main Gym
Mitford School
110 Quigley Dr.
Cochrane, Alberta
Canada T4C 1Y1
Notes: This location requires setup and take down of nets by teams. Teams must finish takedown and exit by 10:00 pm.
Notes: Court adjacent to gym doors
Notes: Court adjacent to East Court 1, farthest from gym door
Ranchview School
2 Sundown Road
Cochrane, Alberta
Canada T4C 0X8
Notes: Crt 1 = nearest gym entrance
Notes: Crt 2 = at far end of gym
Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
800 Griffin Rd
Cochrane, Alberta
Canada T4C 2B8
Notes: Games played in the SLS gym on 2 courts. Parking access via the east parking lot doors.
Notes: Court nearest to SLS east doors
Notes: Court adjacent to East Court 1